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COVID-19 update 05/01/21


Dear Patient,


Wishing you a happier and better new year for 2021. Following the recent government announcement I wanted to get in touch to reassure you we are still open and continuing to look after our patients safely. If you need any advice or care contact us. We will prioritise any appointments with us.


Stay safe

All at Ciao Paolo





COVID-19 update 01/11/20


Dear Patient,


Hope this finds you well. Scottish government have opened up NHS dental services from November 1. We have a large number of patients who were mid treatment at the time of lockdown and who have had problems during lockdown. We will need to prioritise care for those with urgent dental needs and will be in touch. We will have to limit our treatment initially to dealing with immediate dental problems.


You will require a dental assessment before arranging any further treatment. Patients should still attend for routine dental health checks. As you are aware with social distancing we can see less patients and we also need a fallow time after an aerosol procedure which reduces the overall time available for care. We would ask for patience as we try to get through our NHS backlog. We will be unable to offer stand alone dental scalings with the ultrasonic water spray device our alternative is to book in for hand scalings with our dental hygienist, please contact us for appointments.


Stay safe and well



Ciao Paolo





COVID-19 update 01/08/20


We wanted to update you following the Scottish government announcement yesterday that from 17/08/20 urgent care involving aerosols may begin in practices.


We would just like to clarify that this will only commence once we have the correct personal protective equipment required supplied by the health board for our NHS patients. When this has been supplied we will be able to provide urgent aerosol procedures on the NHS, the procedures we will be able to provide are surgical extractions and removing the nerve in restorable infected teeth we will not be able to do treatments like fillings, crowns or ultrasonic scaling at this stage.


As we get more updates we will keep you informed of any changes.


Please note that the wearing of a face mask/covering is now mandatory inside the building and should you now have your own face covering please wear this inside the practice. Thank you.


Stay safe and have an enjoyable summer



Ciao paolo





COVID-19 update 19/07/20


Update following the Scottish goverment announcement on moving to phase 3 and what this means for NHS dental services.


We are confident here at Ciao paolo in providing you with safe treatment in our practice and would be happy to welcome you back. Unfortunately the goverment will NOT permit most NHS treatments to proceed and the arrangements up until now are to continue for the next 3 weeks. What this means is we are unable to carry out any NHS fillings, ultrasonic scaling, root treatments and crowns. In addition any emergencies involving drill work eg root treatments and sugical extractions will have to be referred to central hubs.


We can see you for examinations/xrays and make a treatment plan for you but any NHS treatment would need postponed till we are given the go ahead from the goverment.


What are my options?


1) You can have a free exam and treatment plan under the NHS and postpone treatment until we are given the go ahead and contact you at a later date.


2) You can have a free exam under the NHS and elect to have some or all of your treatment carried out safely and at your convenience under a private arrangement with the necessary protective equipment in place.


3) Private treatment eg implants, aesthetics, orthodontics, white fillings, crowns, bridges, root treatment can be carried out safely with the necessary protective equipment in place.


What if I have toothache or an another dental emergency requiring treatment?


You can go to a central hub for aerosol treatment eg root treatments and surgical extraction free of charge or have these carried out out safely at the practice under a private arrangement with the necessary protective equipment in place.


What about my hygiene visits?


These can be arranged privately with our skilled hygienists providing hand scaling, polishing and oral hygiene.


Please do get in touch with any questions or queries, we will contact you when we have more updates.


Please note that the wearing of a face mask/covering is now mandatory inside the building and should you now have your own face covering please wear this inside the practice. Thank you.


In the meantime if you would like to make an appointment please get in touch.


Stay safe and have an enjoyable summer



Ciao paolo





COVID-19 update 20/06/20


Following advice from Scottish government


We are now in a position to begin arranging face to face URGENT CARE WHERE APPROPRIATE for our patients.The date we will be able to reopen is WED 01/07/20.


Urgent care includes infection management, bleeding, trauma, oral cancer concerns.


We are limited to seeing up to a maximum of 10 patients per day.


Please allow us to manage your expectations-although our practice is open you will be referred to urgent care hubs for complex extractions or the opening up of a tooth for root canal treatment and any treatment involving an aerosol. What we may offer you is very limited and no way comparable to the normal delivery of dental care.


We have more information about virtual consultations on our website.


As you maybe aware there is an updated attendance policy in line with legislation and guidance.


There are a number of changes patients should be aware of.


1) Patients may only be seen by appointment to maintain social distancing.


2) We will ask you to fill out medical forms remotely before attending.


3) Our practice will contact you to assess your risk status and also your health as well as the health of the rest of your household..


4) Please attend alone if possible.Please arrive at your appointed time and if travelling by car wait in the car and we will call you to attend. If walking in call the intercom on arrival.We will meet you and provide you with a mask which you must wear at all times and escort you to the waiting room where you will be asked to sanitise your hands then move into the surgery when ready.Coats and jackets will be placed in a box.

Please observe cough etiquette use a tissue or sleeve and dispose of used tissue safely

Please note the toilet should not be used unless absolutely necessary.


5) Payment should be made with a contactless transaction.


6) You will be asked to carry out hand hygiene before you leave.


All dental staff will be wearing personal protective equipment in line with recommendations. There will be one patient in at a time. Reception screen is present at the desk and air filtration in operation. Some of the protective equipment is bulky and reduces our ability to communicate as easily many apologies. We will still be taking care of you as best we can!


If you have been unwell or have had a temperature or have lost your sense of taste or smell, best to delay attending for a month.


If you are a patient in a shielded group or self isolating you should remain at home.


No routine care can be provided until lockdown restrictions are eased.


Dental examinations shall follow as soon as possible.


Thank you for your continued support.


Stay safe

All at Ciao Paolo.







COVID-19 update 10/06/20


Important news regarding our practice reopening.


Dear Patient,


I wanted to update you on the situation for re opening dental practices during Covid. As you may have read practices are opening in England but in Scotland a decision on re opening will not be made until June 18 at the earliest. We will be in touch after this date with more clarity and detailed information. In the meantime please contact us for any advice. Our urgent dental care hubs remain the access point for urgent dental care and you may be referred there by Paula our practice manager. Apologies for the long break in dental services but as you can appreciate our hands are tied and we will follow Scottish government guidelines at all times.


Hope you are able to enjoy the lovely weather out there.



Ciao Paolo






COVID-19 update 03/05/20


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