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Most people associate going to the dentist with varying degrees of anxiety, from mild to severe. At Ciao paolo the first thing we do is listen to our patients to understand any fears or anxiety they may have. We can then look at ways to address these fears and if necessary we can start off with non-threatening simple treatment to build your confidence. We understand trust takes time to build and you can be assured our staff will treat you with sympathy and respect every step of the way.


We help reduce your anxiety levels by engaging with your senses. Sight, sounds and smell. We have chosen calming colours and materials for our working environment. If you wish we can supply you with light filtering glasses and play you profoundly relaxing music to reduce your anxiety levels during treatment. We have ceiling mounted televisions which allow you to be pleasurably distracted during a treatment session - many customers love this.


We will use calming aromas in the practice. We would normally explain what treatment is to be carried out and make that treatment as comfortable as possible by working gently with you. We will respect your wish for us to stop treatment by asking you to raise a hand, in other words allow you to retain a sense of control over your treatment. Many customers appreciate this.


In time we would wish to change your perception of dentistry. In other words, in time we would like you to associate coming to Ciao paolo Dental practice with positive, uplifting, pleasurable feelings. We would wish to not use sedatives unless absolutely necessary. Although many patients can access dental treatment this way, we have a number of issues with this approach. Firstly, it does not fit with our philosophy of health. In addition our customers require a day off work and cannot drive. Customers who also take prescription drugs or use alcohol develop tolerance - meaning they can require quite high doses to become sedated. This is not ideal. The customer does not learn any technique for dealing with their fear and can become reliant on the drug. The sedative is potentially addictive. Finally, you are still fearful of your next engagement with dental treatment.


For those customers with moderate to severe anxiety or phobia then another approach is necessary. We would recommend that you learn self hypnosis techniques to help deal with the unwanted thoughts / images /emotions or feelings which cause your dental anxiety. We would recommend referral to a dentist  who is very experienced / dedicated in dental phobia management, who can teach you these techniques through consultations.


The advantage of this approach is that you can develop a robust internal coping mechanism which, once learned, will allow YOU to control the feelings of anxiety, not the other way around. We call it getting behind the steering wheel of your life. The added advantage is that you can apply these techniques to many other aspects of your life, for example dealing with any other anxiety/phobias you may have (some of these anxieties can trigger smoking / comfort eating behaviour) or by being able to relax instantly or take an alternative view to dealing with your problems.

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