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Gum health and general health


Remakable new evidence has emerged regarding gum health and general health. I attended a course at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow on the latest research into the connection between gum health and general health. There were two take home messages…


1) Good gum health is strongly associated with good general health and longevity.


2) Gum disease/poor gum health is strongly associated with higher incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and also type 2 diabetes.


It is thought that in poor gum health a relatively massive number of bacteria get into the bloodstream, and that in a susceptible host this may initiate cardiovascular disease. Both gum disease and CVD are caused by inflammation.


As well as requiring the bugs to cause disease there are a number of modifying or lifestyle factors which affect inflammation and the progress of the disease. They can be listed as nutrition, smoking, High BMI - exercise factors and stress/inadequate sleep.


If you have gum problems and need treatment the approach can be summed up thus...


1) Get rid of the bugs-this means having professional cleanings at regular intervals recommended by the away team-us! AND you-the home team-carrying out meticulous home hygiene as recommended.


2) Deal with the lifestyle factors….nutrition-5 fruit and veg per day, respect alcohol limits, chose fresh healthy foodstuffs, stop smoking, manage stress and get adequate sleep, take regular exercise - manage your BMI.


A very important consideration is that in the case of say developing CVD or type 2 diabetes you may not have any pain or symptoms. High blood pressure or cholesterol or high blood sugar may only be picked up with a screening test at your GP. So if you have any family history of CVD or diabetes and a diagnosis of poor gum health you should be screened for those medical conditions as soon as possible to avoid possible damage to your body. Also consider adopting the lifestyle changes recommended to ‘dampen down’ the inflammation in your body-this will help to improve your general health. Healthy advice is available on our website.


Self referral to your practice nurse for screening tests is recommended. On the bright side Professor Chapple unveiled some interesting research. Alcohol on moderation before a meal is positively beneficial for health, as is dark chocolate 70 % cocoa. He outlined some elements of an agreeable day which was pleasurable and ticked all the boxes for health….exercise in the morning or evening-your choice, a glass of wine or G+T before dinner with a handful of nuts, some oily fish-salmon or mackerel, fresh veg and salad and some dark chocolate. Not too bad a way to spend your advancing years!


See website and blogs for lots of information about health and nutrition. Make your mouth a better place to live!


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