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Maintaining gum health


1. Excellent home care - the oral B electric toothbrush, water pik, interdental brushes or floss. We will have advised you accordingly.


2. Regular dental visits - healthy mouth assessment, x rays if appropriate, deal with any bite problem, any treatment recommended including referral to specialist if appropriate.


3. Regular visits to our hygienist for professional cleaning, monitoring and appropriate advice.


3. Smoking cessation - see our section on smoking cessation.


4. Good nutrition - see our section on nutrition.


5. Managing stress and anxiety - see our section on managing stress and anxiety.


6. Promoting general health - consideration of a regular exercise regime, looking at staying within guidelines for alcohol consumption. Look at our section on nutrition and increasing activity levels. Adequate sleep - 7 hrs is optimal. Let's work together. Are you ready to get behind the steering wheel of your life.











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