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Introducing our new dental hygiene service.


We are delighted to introduce Lisa Kelly our new hygienist who will provide you with a dedicated hygiene service. Read more about Lisa in the ABOUT US section of our website. Do you know there is current research and evidence related to gum health linked with general health?


Current literature suggests good gum health is strongly associated with good general health and longevity. Conversely infections in the mouth can be linked with problems in other parts of the body. Poor gum health is strongly associated with a higher incidence of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and in certain individuals low birth weight and premature births.


The amazing thing is that by following our hygiene and lifestyle advice to improve your gum health not only will your mouth feel fresher, cleaner and healthier, you will be improving your general health as well, what's not to like about that?! There is more information about this remarkable research story in our section on hygiene services entitled - gum health and general health. We recommend hygiene visits and personal hygiene programmes to assist you in achieving optimal health. Most adults suffer from some form of gum disease, gingivitis or periodontal disease. The disease usually develops and progresses very slowly and most people are unaware they have it as the symptoms are often painless. Thankfully, diagnosis of gum disease can help you and your oral health professional develop a maintenance programme uniquely for you. Imagine how much better you would feel having the confidence and security of knowing your mouth was fresher, cleaner and healthier?


Hygiene appointment includes:


1) Gum health report and progress report for regular attenders. A discussion regarding risk factors and lifestyle changes which may benefit oral and general health.


2) Discuss health report and importance of findings.


3) Oral hygiene instruction and demonstration for plaque control and disease prevention.


4) Gentle cleaning to remove hard deposits of calcified plaque. Local anaesthetic can be used if deep cleaning is required or to control patient sensitivities.


5) Floss teeth and polish using high gloss paste.


6) Recommend actions for health.


7) Recommend recall interval for maintenance and review.


Lisa is currently available Thursday's 9am-5.30pm. To book with us call 0141 334 2550 or book on line. Book now spaces limited!



Ask yourself a simple question-what would I be prepared to pay in order that i may significantly improve my chances of not losing my teeth through gum disease? Can you afford not to?


You will appreciate that the time involved in helping to inform you of your disease and manage it will require us to charge you appropriately. For details regarding Hygienists scope of practice please refer to website


We hope to see you soon. Regards from the team at Ciao Paolo Dental















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